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What to Look For When Buying Jilbabs

Jilbabs or Abayas are long, loosely fitted garments worn by Muslim women to cover themselves up properly; they are sometimes accompanied by scarves, some women will also wear a Niqab to follow all the Islamic guidelines, the Niqab covers the face of the Muslim woman. With increasing Muslim women donning such Islamic clothing, many Islamic shops specialising in their sale are opening all over the internet and on high street stores in the UK and other Western countries.

Unique Designs

Designers of Jilbabs and Abayas are aggrsively promoting their Islamic womens clothing designs that vary slightly from others, but in most cases are similar. Women, in general, look for and desire something different and unique for themselves; though most look alike. A lot of women that want to keep themselves from undue attention will go for a plain design.


The first thing to take into account is the price; if you need to budget then you need to search for a good deal or discount. There are a lot of Jilbab outlets out there, some are very expensive whilst others are quite cheap. Jilbabs are usually expensive due to the type of fabric & design used, these expensive Jilbabs are not suitable for everyday use.


The colour of the Jilbab is very important as well, you should choose a neutral color like beige or black made of a wash and wear fabric, suitable for all occasions. Bright colours are not suitable as it isn't in the spirit of Islam.


Jilbabs or Abayas should be loose fitting, so get something that is loose, which doesn't reveal your body. Some retailers will only sell one size, be careful when purchasing these as it may be too loose or too tight.


You should settle for something simple yet decide on a cut that suits your style and figure; sometimes you are able to get a fashionable one that is on sale.

Jilbab Outlets

There are Islamic shops selling Jilbabs in most major towns in the west especially in those with a high Muslim population, they cater to the needs of Muslim women producing every conceivable design, color and embellishment, sometimes leading to Haram clothing, that are so tight, they look more revaling than non-Muslim clothing. Nowadays it is easier or convenient to shop on the internet, with a wider choice available, only problem with this method is that you cannot tell the quality of the fabric or try it on before purchasing.


Embroidered Jilbabs are usually very expensive due to the amount of work required in making them. Embroidery in every style and pattern is used to adorn them; huge motifs near the hem line, intricate lattice work all around the edging, neck line and on the edge of the sleeves is most common. You will find embroidery in matching as well as contrasting colors that give these outfits their elegant and stylish appearance.


The most expensive gowns are the silk and chiffon ones that have heavy stonework, sequins or diamantes on them. Golden or silver threads are used to weave complex patterns. They come in a large range of bold and vibrant colors alongside the classic black Jilbabs. These kinds of Jilbabs are suitable for formal gatherings only.

We at aim to provide a wide selection of Jilbabs and Abayas for Muslim women in the west, keeping in mind the Islamic nature of this type of clothing, so our Jilbabs won't be too bright, tight, revealing or extravagant. Reads about Womens Clothing in Islam.